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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Netizens Praise This Fast-food Chain For Hiring An Old Man As Regular Crew

Most of businesses and establishments these days are strict when it comes to their requirements for hiring new employees. Just like age limit, gender specificaction, and so on. 

Because of this, people have been experiencing more difficulty to get hired. 

Luckily for a certain local fast-food chain, they didn't deny this elderly man in getting a job as one of their crew. 

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Gremma Cuello Avellano posted photos of the old man working in Mang Inasal on Facebook. The post quickly became viral because it's not everyday that you see a man at Tatay Armando's age working as a service crew. 

Despite his age Tatay Armando is still able to his tasks well just like the other younger crews. He can still serve food, clean tables, etc. in a timely manner. 

Many netizens commended both Tatay Armando and the management of Mang Inasal. They praised Tatay Armando for being diligent and didn't become one of those lazy people that usually just want fast money and don't mind if it's illegal. 

And Mang Inasal for not having age limit and not discriminating anyone who wants to join their company.