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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Photo of Jelai Andres With Non-showbiz Guy Receives Different Reactions From Social Media Users

Most of you probably have watched videos of Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez on Facebook. Their fans called them as #TeamJoLai. 

The married celebrity couple became internet sensations first before they became TV personalities. 


But the two have already separated because of a third party issue. 

Jelai shared about what happened on social media. She said that her husband was having an affair with R-BREEZY babe Toni Fowler. 

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Jon also spoke up about the issue between his wife and Toni. 
I made a mistake but right now I’m in the process of sorting it out with my wife. I’m trying to save my marriage but, like I said, everyone makes mistakes,” Jon said. 

On the side note, a photo of Jelai with a guy sparked up speculations and mixed reactions from netizens. 


A man named John Alvin Mendoza posted the photo. Jelai immediately explained to clear out the suspicions. 

People have been tagging her husband in the comments section. She said that she doesn't personally know the guy in the picture. He just simply asked to take a photo with her. 

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