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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Rude and Disrespectful Daughter Slapped Her 62-year-old Mother Over Sushi

Raffy Tulfo is a popular Filipino broadcast journalist. He has a weekday mid-afternoon radio program named "Wanted sa Radyo" on Radyo5 92.3 News FM with NiƱa Taduran. 

The program is well known for helping the poor on fighting against red tapes of society. 
And recently an old woman seeked for his help on the program. She was asking Raffy to help her reconcile with her daughters. 

The old woman, Maria Magdalena Austria, 62 shared that she was slapped using a slipper by her own daughter.

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Her youngest daughter is a graduate of HRM and since she was proud of her daughter. She asked her youngest daughter Kren if she could cook for her cousin's British husband. But Kren wasn't happy about her mom's suggestion so she threw a fit and didn't talk to her. 

They even removed their mother's access to the internet. 

After two weeks, with no internet the old lady asked Kren multiple times why she had no internet connection but Kren did not answer. And when she finally did, she answered in a very rude way. 

Because of that the mom was emotionally hurt and impulsively slapped her daughter. But Kren slapped her mother back using a slipper. 

Her daughters are currently living in the house owned by the old lady but they still had the audacity to act like queens in their mother's house. 

Raffy himself was obviously annoyed with what the two girls did to their mother.

However, even after everything that happened as a mom, she still wanted to reconcile with her daughters.

Many social media users were hurt with what the daughter did to her mom and some even sent a message to the company where she works in.

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source: Raffy Tulfo