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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Saudia Flight Makes A U-turn After Passenger Forgets Baby In Airport

We should always be cautious and stay alert whenever we go up or down a plane to make sure we didn't leave anything behind at the airport. 

But flight SV832 coming from Jeddah destined to Kuala Lumpur was forced to go back though it was already in the air because a passenger left something very important at the airport. 

A mother left her baby at the waiting area of King Abdulaziz International Airport terminal. 

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It wasn't clear when exactly the mother realized that she left her baby back at the airport but it was already mid-flight when she informed the cabin crew about the situation. 

In the video, the pilot was requesting Air Traffic Control to give them permission to land to go back to the terminal. The pilot was also quick to maneuver the plane to be able to get the baby as soon as possible. 


Even the ground staff were not aware of what was happening. The ATC had to reconfirm why the pilot was requesting to go back and the pilot emphasized that they needed to because a passenger left a baby at the terminal. 

Good thing they were able to go back right away. Netizens were happy with the pilot's quick decision to turn the plane around so quickly to save the baby.

source: Saudiexpatnews