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Monday, May 6, 2019

This Kid's Mobile Game Account Gets Banned for 10,494 Days

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most famous online games in Southeast Asia. But it is becoming a problem for a lot of schools because some young students are neglecting their studies to play the game. 

That is why some schools are planning to have it prohibited inside the campus grounds. 

Mak Samonte posted a video of his crying son on Facebook. The child was crying because his account on Mobile Legends got banned for a long number of days. 


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Here's the exact system message:
 “The account is banned. Rest time of ban: 10949 day(s) 1 hour(s) 23 minutes.”

Samonte's son was already crying his heart out but it seems that he was still delighted with what's happening. And he wasn't alone, fellow netizens had a good laugh at the video too. 

Some people speculate that the kid might have used cheat codes. Some were even saying that Samonte was using a fake phone to gain views but he proved them wrong. 

"P.S. nag eenjoy lang po yung bata" 


The said post has now more than 20,000 shares as of this writing.

So what can you say about this?

source: facebook