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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Video of Old Woman Raging Inside Public Bus Goes Viral

Patience is a virtue. And seems to us that this old woman lacks that. A video posted by Anne Gaddi on Facebook became viral. She shared her experience regarding her encounter with the old woman. 

According to Anne, she was on her way to somewhere with her little child then the old woman got angry because they accidentally bumped her. 

The woman even blamed and insulted people from her Bulacan, the place Anne is from, for what happened. 

The woman even slapped Anne's phone when she saw that Anne was taking a video of her.

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Anne suggested that the woman try getting a seat near the group of men in front to avoid prolonging the confrontation. 

But the woman was really angry and closed minded and later on even said that of people were sensitive enough man or woman they would let her sit. 


This cause netizens to react negatively towards the old woman, saying that she doesn't own the bus and she should've taken a taxi or private car instead. Plus she should not have insulted fellow BulakeƱos just because of a petty reason.

What can you say about this video? Share your thoughts below!