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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Meet This Former Philippine Actor Who Is Now A Canadian Police Officer!

If you were an actor, would you leave the limelight and serve as a police officer? Well, Don Laurel did! Many people of today’s generation may not know who he was, but if you know the shows “Gimik,” “Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan,” and “Batang PX,” you might remember him. This former Star Magic artist who was living in front of the camera is now a mighty policeman in Canada!


Don Laurel was a former Star Magic artist who is now a police officer based in Toronto, Canada. He is among the front line officers of the 32nd Division of the Toronto Police Department for six years now. He also works with the Philippine Consulate there, holding information sessions with immigrants. In this job, he explains to the immigrants the laws they need to obey and rights they have in the country.

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“I’m very proud to wear this uniform and helping out not just the Filipino community, but the whole city of Toronto,” Constable Laurel said.


“I just want them to know that it’s ok to speak, we’re there to help you,” he added.

According to Constable Laurel, ever since he was just a child, he was already dreaming of becoming a policeman.

At first, his colleagues did not know about his past job and was wondering why  a lot of people seem to know him.

“When he went out on the road and made some calls I noticed that he had a little bit of a fanfare following him around and recognizing him,” Co policeman Sergeant Lawrence Sager narrated. He said everything became clear when they discovered his past.

Don Laurel showed such bravery when he traded manuscripts for a police badge. Not all celebrities can do what he did. It just shows how much passion he has when it comes to helping other people and how much dedication he has when it comes to his dreams.

So, were you able to recognize him? Tell us your reactions in the comments section below!